Grade For Dumb And Dumber: C+

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I wrote last week that I was going into the movie theater with low expectations, but I was still disappointed in Dumb And Dumber To. Maybe it’s just virtually impossible to make a good comedy sequel? Admittedly, and in comparison to other average comedies, I laughed a lot, but I didn’t laugh the way I do at a great comedy.
There were just far too many jokes that weren’t funny. It’s like they were on a joke per second quota, and instead of taking the time to set up better jokes, they just rapidly kept firing them out at you like a standup comedian has to. I know I should stop right now comparing To to the first one, but I never had the sense that any jokes in the first movie were forced or not funny.


The performances were not lacking in any sense. Carrey and Daniels were great as Lloyd and Harry, and Kathleen Turner added a great turn as Freda Felcher. Rachel Melvin, the girl that played Harry’s daughter is hot, but she was also very annoying and not at all funny in the movie. Rob Riggle is hilarious in everything I’ve seen him in, but his role in this was basically nothing more than an extra’s would be with a few added lines. His part was very poorly written. I know he could have added much more comedy to the scenes had his character been more involved.


I clearly wasn’t expecting The Godfather when it comes to a plot line, but my God, this plot made zero sense whatsoever. I guess that’s the point, it’s not what held down the movie, but this plot literally made no sense. As I expected, they recycled many of the same jokes, and they just weren’t funny the second time around; except for the ally cat in blind Billy’s apartment- that was funny.

It’s hard to say, “wait until the video release to see it”, knowing how excited  I myself was to see To on the big screen. But that would honestly be my recommendation. I think Horrible Bosses 2 might be the better investment for viewing in the theater. But if you’re a die hard like me, and have to see Dumb And Dumber To in the theatre, don’t expect the grab your stomach laughs that the first one is so famous for.

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