Goose Season Is In, But Beretta Already Set To Migrate South

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Mid September, the opening of the killing fields for many of us. We are staged in the now yellowing corn, waiting to pull the trigger and watch the explosion of feathers on some early resident geese and some morning dove. And one of the finest makers of firearms to put lead in the air and birds on the ground, would be a Beretta.

This Italian firearms manufacturer has been cranking out some of the finest and most reliable pieces of craftsmanship to go, *BANG,* since the early 1500’s. (It’s true, I Googled that shit). And. ‘Proud to Be Marylanders, Men and Women,” began manufacturing for Beretta back in 1977. But sadly, that’s all about to change.

In 2013, Maryland passed the, “Laws That Only Interfere With Law Abiding Citizens And Not Criminals, Political Agenda Satisfying Firearms Act”. They call it the “Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013”. (You can call bullshit by the name of dirt, but it’s still shit from a bull’s asshole). Not only has the passing of this made it a pain in the fucking ass, and an expensive legal process, to get a firearm in an already strict state, but it has pushed the historic gun maker, Beretta, out of the state. And Beretta plans to spend high dollars in its new home down in the dirty south.


‘Beretta said Tuesday that it expects to invest $45 million in buildings and equipment at its Gallatin site and will employ 300 workers there. The company said it would meet with each of its Maryland manufacturing employees to determine their interest in relocating to the Tennessee plant.’

But does that mean Maryland and its residents will be missing out on those jobs, that cash, and the future expansion of Beretta?

According to Jeff Reh of Beretta, “We tend to be a company that has deep roots,” he said. “We didn’t want to leave Maryland or even consider it, but we decided it was the most prudent course of action. We could have been happy staying in Maryland for hundreds of years.”

So let’s add this up shall we? Let’s see what Maryland and its Residence have gained from this “Firearms Safety Act”. Beretta is set to migrate sometime in mid-2015. So unemployment will rise with the leaving of Beretta and the over 150 jobs it provided Marylanders. Maryland will also lose out on the tax and revenue earned from the manufacturing facility. This hurts the state’s bottom line. All this law has done is made it more expensive and difficult to LEGALLY obtain a firearm. Do you understand that, to LEGALLY obtain a firearm? Do you think this Firearms Safety Act will at all impact safety or ILLEGAL gun ownership or gun violence? Common sense says criminals don’t follow fucking laws. Not even new ones, or ones created with safety interest in mind.

Well now I’m pissed off after ranting about gun laws that only impact law abiding citizens and not criminals. So I’m gonna take it back to where it started by grabbing my Beretta and heading to the cornfield with a box of shells, to shoot some birds and spill blood on Maryland soil. And to the Beretta corporation… you will be missed.

Editor’s Note: This guy is pretty much the Maryland version of Crocodile Dundee, he might actually live in a treehouse. Anyway, check this dude out on Instagram.


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  1. It looks like a fake beard, assless pants, a POV dude cam. And I think he bought the fish. I’ll still read his shit it’s good

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