Good Day New York Accidentally Played an Unedited DMX Song

Humor, News — July 8, 2014 at 4:13 pm by

I don’t think I’ve seen a game of “Name That Tune” go downhill so quickly in my entire life. It went from fun and games, to sheer panic in the amount of time it takes DMX to yell, “SUCK MY DICK.” The guy’s reaction is priceless, though. The sound that he makes is unlike anything I’ve ever heard from man or beast.

Most of the time when I see these live television bloopers, I feel sympathy towards the anchors. Even the biggest professionals aren’t immune to occasionally getting tongue tied or making a regrettable off-color remark. It’s live TV; shit happens. But this is just so careless, that it looks like they were practically asking for it to blow up in their face. If you’re going to play a rap song, especially a DMX rap song, you have to double and triple check that song for profanity. Everybody knows that curse words and rap music go together like lamb and tuna fish, so you have to take the proper precautions, no excuses. They should just be thankful that it was the opening bars to “Party Up (Up in Here)” and not this DMX classic. FOX would be handing out pink slips so fast that it would make your head spin.

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