Gonzo Wins Pitcher’s Duel, Birds Beat Rangers 3-1

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The definition of a duel according to Wikipedia:  “A duel is an arranged engagement in combat between two individuals, with matched weapons in accordance with agreed upon rules.”  Alright, so it’s a little freakin’ dramatic, but you get the point.  Ross Wolf and Miguel Gonzalez met under this definition tonight at Camden Yards, with baseballs as weapons, and it was our boy Gonzo who managed to record the win.  The two hurlers allowed only seven hits and three runs combined through six innings, and all the runs in the game were off of solo home runs to that point.  But Gonzalez made one less mistake than Ross, and for that he was rewarded with his seventh win. Gonzo has now had seven straight quality starts, with an ERA of 2.49 over that span.  Translation: He is a fucking stoic and determined looking son of a bitch, and he is a favorite son of charmcitywire.com.

Darren O’Day came into tonight’s game during the eighth inning with one on and nobody out.  After an error by Chris Davis on O’Day’s own throw over to first,  the reliever was left in the unenviable position of having the tying run in scoring position with zero outs.  No problem babes.  O’Day managed to sit Kinsler, Andrus, and Cruz down in order to get out of the jam.

Crush #34

Crush #34


JJ got the save despite having the tying run at the plate twice.

Davis had been 1 for 24 over his last seven games coming into tonight.  He blasted his 34th dinger during his first at bat.  That’s the way to break out of a 1 for 24.

Roberts hit the other home run tonight for the boys in orange and black.

Mclutch added an insurance RBI in the 8th.

There are four teams in the AL East with 50 wins.  WTF.

This is the first time since 1997 that the Orioles have over 50 wins before the All Star break.

Tomorrow night that asshole Jose Bautista and his friends come to town.

Buerle (5-5) vs Tillman (10-3)

Let’s Go O’s!



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