Go To The Beach In September? Damn Right. And Here Are Three Must Visit Places For You To Go.

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You may or may not already know this, but September is one of the best times of the year to visit the beaches of Maryland and Delaware.  The weather is still great, the surf temperature is still in the 70’s, the beaches themselves aren’t crowded, and all the bars and restaurants are still open for business. It’s a glorious thing to be able to sit on an uncrowded beach during the day and then still have the ability to enjoy lunch, drinks, and dinner in any of the many restaurants and bars that dot the golden landscape of the Maryland and Delaware coast.

Which bring us to the purpose of this post.  Plopping down on the sand and then splashing around in the surf like a drunken porpoise without a care in the world is certainly a damn good time, and doing so is certainly good for the soul, but there’s plenty else to do down at the shore.  Some of the best restaurants around reside close to the roaring Atlantic Ocean, so while you’re down there doing your best sand crab impression you might as well enjoy some good grub.

Below I’ve given you three great food and/or drink spots .  Two of these are smaller places that you may not have heard of yet, and the third is an Ocean City big dog that’s a blast for Ravens’ games.  Enjoy!


Turtle Beach Cafe- On the Boards in Bethany Beach, DE. 

beach turt

Looking for a kick-ass crabcake?  Visit the boardwalk in Bethany Beach. In case you didn’t know, Bethany has a small, family driven boardwalk that takes up 0.4 miles of beach front and features several little restaurants and shops all ready for your enjoyment.  Turtle Beach Café is one of these little restaurants.  Turtle Beach is right on the boards and they have some outdoor high tops in front so you can eat and chill by the ocean. You can eat breakfast here, they open at 7 a.m. and they feature gourmet coffee.  Turtle Beach also boasts solid, if not spectacular, paninis, fresh salads, and tasty wraps.  But the big deal here is the crabcake.  The crabcakes here aren’t offered year round because Turtle Beach only uses fresh and local crab meat to make their cakes.  Anyone from Maryland or Delmarva knows that the Maryland caught, Maryland Blues are the best and tastiest crabs, and Turtle Beach Café recognizes this and lives by this premise.  No pasteurized meat from the gulf or southeast asia in these bad-boys, these are true Maryland crabcakes through and through.  Prepared broiled, served on a Brioche roll, and presented on a paper plate with lettuce, tomato, and a homemade sauce, this crabcake is the real deal, babes.  There’s plenty of crab meat within and the taste takes me back to the day when we caught ’em fresh, mom steamed ’em fresh, and grandma picked ’em fresh.  The wizza and I were blown away and pleasantly surprised by how good this crabcake was.  Dig in.

beach t-cove


Modern Mixture- 62A Rehoboth Ave.  Rehoboth, DE.  Just A Few Blocks Off The Boards

beach mm


One day, after coming off the beach by the boardwalk in Rehoboth, the wizza and I were looking for a lunch place that was different and delicious.  We found it at Modern Mixture.   Don’t walk too fast, you may miss this little gem tucked along the main boardwalk drag that is Rehoboth Avenue.  The place is small, with rows of table leading back to a carry-out counter, but who gives a damn, the food is great.  Modern Mixture is a Mediterranean, Mexican, and American fusion joint, and it’s got one of those creative menus that jumps out at you and begs you to try everything.  They’ve got brunch, lunch, and dinner.  They’ve got bangin’ burritos of crazy variety, they’ve got delicious chopped salads (Southwestern is outstanding.), great fish tacos, and a whole host of other things that I can’t wait to go back and try.  Oh, and they serve booze.  They’ve got margaritas by the pitcher and since it’s just a few strides from the beach you can eat, buzz up, and then sleep it off while lying next to the rumbling Atlantic.  The service is extremely friendly and casual, which seems to fit the place well.  Take your time, you’re at the beach, babes.

beach mm2


The Crab Bag- 130th Street and Coastal Hwy.  Ocean City, MD

beach cb

Now it’s Sunday and you need a place to take in the Ravens and all the other NFL action.  Check out the Crab Bag in O.C. on game day.  The place is a glorious monstrosity on 130th St. with a ton of big screen TVs and a massive menu that with blow you away.  I have eaten here plenty of times for Ravens’ games and the food is good, the service is solid, and the TVs are crankin’ non-stop football action.  Better yet, the place if filled with purple, which is always exciting;  I mean, who the hell wants to scream at TVs alone?  All the other games are on big TVs too, so you can easily watch that bet on Jacksonville go down the crapper as the afternoon wears on.  I highly recommend the grilled wings in gator sauce here.  Get ’em with some heat, they are some of the best bird wings in the state.  And what says Baltimore football better than a September Sunday complete with cold beer, a plate of hot and spicy wings, and a pile of delicious steamed crabs?  (Crab Bag has the best steamed crabs at the beach.)  Nothing does, babes.

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  1. Love the Crab Bag. Been hittin that joint since ’88. I have never been on gameday, but will check it out.

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