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I’ll admit it. I don’t like a lot of the movies that Hollywood spits out these days. For every good flick, there are 100 movies that are a complete waste of time. So, if I’m going to spend two hours on a film it better entertain the piss out of me, or at the least be a piece of cinematic art that I can appreciate on some level.  Lucky for me, when I plunked down 25 bucks for the film American Hustle, I got both.  It’s a cool story and character study that is very loosely based on the ABSCAM scandal of the late 70’s.  In American Hustle the FBI enlists the help (by arresting them) of a con artist couple in the agency’s attempt to capture American politicians taking bribes and kick backs during the development of  1970’s Atlantic City.  (New Jersey had just legalized casino gambling.) I won’t get too deep into the plot, but it involves a few twist and turns, features a love pentagon that could be real or part of a con within a con, and contains enough laughs to hook you into loving the imperfect and perpetually flawed characters.  Add to this great acting from an incredible cast,and you’ve got plenty to like in this film.

Christian Bale and Amy Adams really made the film work.  Bale, who looks nothing like Christian Bale in the this film, is awesome here, and his performance makes you like and sympathize with his character, a low life, low-level con man who bilks desperate folks out of thousands in cash.  His partner in crime, and his character’s mistress, Amy Adams,makes you want to travel back in time to sleep with hot 70’s chicks with real boobs and big hair.  Adams owns the screen when she’s on it, and if she doesn’t get a nod from the Academy come Oscar time, well then they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.  She had me mesmerized from the beginning of the film.

Bradley Cooper also shines in this movie as the FBI agent who seems to alternate from genius undercover agent, to a guy who is in way over his head.  Jennifer Lawrence kicks ass as Bale’s maddening wife, and even ol’ Robert DeNiro shows up as, well you guessed it, a mobster.  Add Jeremy Renner as a flawed, but well-meaning politician who you can’t help but love, and you’ve got a 6 star cast who turns this thing into  cinematic art class.

So comb over your bald spot, flash some chest hair, flash some gold, have your lady put her hair up in curlers, put on your all velvet suit and your gold-rimmed shades, and go see American Hustle.  It’s how the movies were meant to be.



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