Glow Stick Explodes In Kid’s Face & His Dad Is Pissed

Humor — November 10, 2014 at 3:55 pm by

Jack, you fucking dingaling. How many times did your dad tell you to not put that glow stick in the microwave? And yet here we are. You’ve got chemicals in your eyes and a beautiful shirt is ruined. God forbid, you take off your school clothes and put on your play clothes if you’re going to let the beat drop in the kitchen. That’s day 1 stuff. You ever see people at Ultra rocking crisp button-ups? Fuck no, it’s called raving responsibly, slugger. And as if damaging your retinas while destroying an awesome shirt isn’t enough, you’ve got to knock down your mother’s spider decoration while you’re at it.

glow stick

Such a dick move, Mr. Magoo.

via Reddit
cover pic: Daily Dot

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