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The sports media world is in an uproar today over comments that Tony Dungy made in an interview.  Dungy admitted if he were an NFL GM, he would not have drafted Michael Sam.  Sam, of course, is the first openly gay man to enter the NFL as he was drafted by the St Louis Rams.
Dungy was asked a question, and he answered it honestly.  Is it not a free country where we enjoy a little thing called freedom of speech?  Do you want the man to lie?  Dungy is an experienced NFL man, and in his opinion Michael Sam and his talents were not worth all the extra media attention and hoopla that his drafting would entail.  Dungy said drafting Sam would be a distraction.  You’re damn right it would be a distraction!  For crying out loud, Oprah was going to do a documentary about Sam during training camp.  How does a seventh round draft pick focus on making the team while a TV show was being made about him? (Plans for the show were scrapped.)

The messed up thing is Dungy wasn’t in any way slandering Sam or saying he didn’t deserve a shot to play in the NFL.  He was simply stating that in his opinion, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.  People want to crucify Dungy, somebody who has been a pioneer for Americans in the NFL, for being prejudice towards gays.  That was the furthest thing Dungy was trying to say.  In fact, I would even hazard a guess and say that Tony Dungy is rooting for Sam to make the Rams’ roster.

I think we need to give ol’ Tony a break on this one. His comment was based on Sam’s football talent and weighing it against the impending media madness and the effect it would have on Dungy’s hypothetical football team.  That’s all.  In no way does this make Dungy a homophobe or a person of hate.

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  1. Here is a fact that you are leaving out and I think it is a major fact. Dungy as a miniority was given a shot and hired by chuck null to coach by the Pitts steelers when miniority coaches weren’t being considered as coaches. Yes Dungy earned that opportunity but don’t you think many minorities before him deserved that opportunity but weren’t given the opportunity because they were a minority and it would have been a “distraction” to the team at the time. Come on man. How can one man forget the opportunity given to him when the opportunity of many other minorities weren’t given the same opportunity now suggest a different kind of miniority (miniority of sexual preference) should not be given the same opportunity. Now it sounds like Dungy has become the same person who wouldn’t hire a miniority back in the 70’s and 80’s because the color of their skin. Except he replaced the color of ones skin with the persons sexual preference. How quickly one forgets of the opportunities he had once received when many others like himself weren’t offered the same opportunity.

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