Girl Goes To ER After Getting A Python Stuck In Her Ear Lobe Hole

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Emergency room doctors see a lot of strange things, but even the e-r staff must have been surprised when a patient arrived with a pet snake stuck in her ear piercing.

If you think snakes on a plane are bad, imagine a snake in your earlobe hole.

‘If he forces his way through, he’s gonna split my earlobe,’ said Ashley Glawe. ‘So I was really scared.’

First the fire department came but had no luck removing the snake. Then Ashley had someone drive her to the hospital emergency room. They numbed Ashley’s ear and applied lube.”



I don’t want to say that this is my worst nightmare, but this is my worst nightmare. And I’m not scared of snakes or anything, but I also don’t want a fucking python hanging out of my ear lobe, especially for long enough for me to drive to the ER with it in there. In fact, an ear lobe hole is probably the number two hole in my body where I’d least like to have a python squirming around in. The first should be obvious. But shout out to this girl for being a champ about it, cause I probably would have chopped off my entire ear before even considering calling the fire department.



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