Girl Fakes Cancer, Raises $100,000

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NY Her grandmother was so heartbroken, she sold her home to give her $100,000 for chemotherapy.Her dad cleaned out his IRA to donate $25,000.Authorities yesterday laid out the alleged lies of a diabolical Long Island junkie who they said pretended to have bone, brain and other cancers to fool her family and strangers into sending her money for “treatment.”Brittany Ozarowski, 21, of Medford, spread her sob story on Facebook— and then collected a six-figure windfall to fuel her heroin habit, officials said yesterday.She was arrested Monday and slapped with a grand-larceny rap. “This defendant perpetrated an absolutely despicable scam,” said Suffolk DA Thomas Spota. “There was no cancer, no chemotherapy, no radiation, and no medical bills. There was just heroin.”


This has to be the most fucked up story that I’ve ever come across. I’ve always said  if drug addicts put this much energy into something legit, they would be loaded. A crackhead will always get the money for their fix, but this is a whole new level. I am not saying I have any sympathy for this sleaze, but I feel the family should have had some sort of medical confirmation before selling off their houses.

I mean how far did this go?  It looks like from the picture above that she was scooting  around in a wheelchair.  Did she eventually shave her head?  Did she constantly fake vomit? It’s craziness, and though the family may be gullible, they shouldn’t take too much criticism.  Women can be quite deceptive, especially chicks you love.  Think about it.  Though the lie is on a much smaller scale, just think about how many times you have believed that your girlfriend actually had an orgasm, or that she was actually happy.  Who’s the dumb-ass now babes?

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