Gino’s & Stuggy’s Won’t Be Returning To Camden Yards

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Despite the Birds being 1-0 and Chris Davis making his return to the diamond tonight, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Oriole fans. In a shocking and upsetting development, Gino’s Burgers & Chicken and Stuggy’s will not be returning to Camden Yards for the 2015 season. From The Baltimore Sun:

The Orioles haven’t released a full roster of their 2015 concessions, but we can tell you about a few big changes. Gino’s Burgers & Chicken and Stuggy’s, which were located just inside Gate H, the main north entrance, won’t be back at the yard. Ryan Perlberg, the co-owner of Stuggy’s, a maker of specialty sausage and hot dogs based in Fells Point, confirmed that Stuggy’s would not be returning for a fourth season. “We are not renewing our contract,” Perlberg said. Gino’s will not return, either, according to Delaware North spokeswoman Victoria Hong. In its place will be Baltimore Burger Company, which will feature customizable burgers, according to an email from Hong. It was not immediately clear what concession would replace Stuggy’s.

Unbelievable. Gino’s burgers are outstanding and Stuggy’s Crab Mac hot dog is an absolute delight. Just look at that thing of beauty. A masterpiece like that belongs in the Louvre.


Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis, Andrew Miller, Gino’s, and Stuggy’s have all left us. This offseason really was one swift kick to the groin after another. But hopefully, yesterday’s victory was indicative that the O’s were able to find suitable replacements for these beloved players and eateries. Hell, maybe Travis Snider can throw down in the kitchen too. Nothing would surprise me after that sterling debut. So while it’s a major bummer that Gino’s and Stuggy’s will be no longer be apart of Camden Yards, I have faith that the new concessions will deliver. Thanks for the fond memories and full bellies, good luck to the incoming tenants, and let’s go O’s!

via The Baltimore Sun
cover pic: Ballpark Ratings

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