Gil Brandt Is Back At It With Another NFL Top List; This Time Disrespects The Shit Out Of Ed Reed

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Last week, Gil Brandt made a list of the top linebackers of all time, and he couldn’t have been more disrespectful to Ray Lewis, putting him at number 8 on his list.

This time, Brandt is back at it again, and he put the greatest safety of all time at number 4. You can’t convince me that there’s one safety who’s ever walked the face of the earth better than Ed Reed, let alone three.

Gil Brandt chose Emlen Tunnell as his number one safety of all time, who played in the fourties and fifties. THE FUCKING FOURTIES. Tunnell may have been great in his day, but he isn’t fit to tie the shoelaces of Ed Reed.

Basically Gil Brandt is just an old dude who can’t let go of the past. He’s the type of guy who tries to convince you the 2017 Warriors wouldn’t even sniff the playoffs 30 years ago. Guy needs to stop making lists, asap.


Ed’s response sums it up:

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