Gigantic Snake Was Hanging From The Rafters On The New York Subway

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Look at this thing just sitting there like he’s one of the people riding to work or something. Like he has no clue people are staring at him.


I’m in New York, there’s a snake on the Subway…

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I don’t think this snake was brought on to the subway by a passenger. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything (except when I’m watching Game Of Thrones), but I think this snake was a plant by the city of New York. It’s the only realistic way to clean up the subway. Have this thing eat all the rats, and maybe take out a homeless person or two, and boom, NYC subway is as good as new. No rats spreading disease, and no homeless people taking dumps in the corner.



Ps- Why the FUCK are the people still riding in that subway. I’m not freaked out by snakes or anything, but I’m also not ridingg on┬ámy morning commute with one either.


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