Ghetto or Gangsta? Woman Brawls At Chuck E Cheese With Toddler In Her Arms.

Featured, News — December 4, 2013 at 6:51 pm by

Everybody knows that Chuck E Cheese is becoming the Wal- Mart of kid restaurants.  The ghetto birds are fluttering about and the white trash is blowing in every time the door opens.  But no child’s birthday is complete without video games, cardboard style pizza, and all of his relatives and parent’s friends brawling in a public place, right?  This fight is a beat down delivered after the chubby white woman spits in the face of the skinny black chick.  What stands out though is the black woman’s ability to pull white woman’s hair and engage in a violent altercation, all while holding her toddler in her other arm.  Incredible.  The spitting, hair pull, and toddler hold all happen right away.  The white folk beat down, complete with some well placed haymakers, continues after Mommy and toddler leave the picture.  Enjoy!

video: worldstarhiphop, YouTube via Barstool

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