Get Your Wild Bill T-Shirt, Available For A Limited Time Only

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Wild Bill Hagy was the greatest fan in the history of the Baltimore Orioles.  You know that O-R-I-O-L-E-S cheer that the Orioles Bird does while contorting his mascot body into the shape of the individually shouted letters?  That was Wild Bill’s.  You know that lyric in the Orioles Magic song, “there’s a thundering roar from 34, to give it all they’ve got”?  That lyric exists because that’s the section, section 34 of Memorial Stadium, that Wild Bill made famous.  Wild Bill was a blue-collar, beer chuggin’, Orioles fanatic, and his exploits at the old Memorial Stadium were the stuff of legend.  We honor Wild Bill this season with the Wild Bill T-shirt.  The man, the myth, the O’s legend.


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