Get Pumped, The Ravens Have Signed WR Jeremy Maclin

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Well, I guess once again, it’s in Ozzie we trust. Everyone, rightfully so, was all worked up after the Ravens failed to help out Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense at the receiver position through both free agency and the draft. And of course, Ozzie assured us there would be cap hits later on in the offseason that the Ravens could bring in to help the team, and sure enough there was.


I wrote last week that I’d personally rather have Eric Decker than Maclin, although obviously I would be ecstatic with either one, but apparently Decker is still in play as well. (Check that out here).



Getting both of these guys would be crazy. Let’s make no mistake about it, we still wouldn’t have a real number one receiver, but we’d have four legit different number two receivers (fingers crossed on Perriman), and the receiving groups would go from being easily one of the league’s worst to an actually formidable one. Adding Maclin is a big deal, but adding both Maclin and Decker would be awesome.



Steve Smith Sr for the win:



PS- I think the team’s excited.

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