Gentleman Keeps Whacking Off In And Around Co-Workers Coffee; She Thought It Was Spoiled Cream

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Busting a nut in a girl’s coffee is either the best way to pick her up, or the worst.

Pros: Hang it all out there, she might just bite; She already knows how potent your sperm tastes, and might be into it.

Cons: You come off as a total rapist.

The Story: So this guy John R. Lind has admitted to jacking off in his coworkers coffee, and all over her desk, multiple times in the last six months. He then proceeded to wipe up his slop with her scrunchy. He told police he knew it was “gross and wrong,” but shit, sometimes you can’t resist.┬áThis actually was all just a crafty ploy to get this lass to notice him. Pretty solid way to pick up a girl, no doubt about it.

He admitted to sperming in her coffee twice, and on her desk four times in the last six months, including on August 26th, which was his birthday. No shit you’re gonna jack off in someone’s coffee on your birthday, who wouldn’t?


When the female was told of these alleged incidents, she said she initially thought she was just drinking spoiled cream, but then when told what it really was, she said “I knew it.”

Are you fucking shitting me? You knew it? And you kept drinking it without making it an incident? What a gal. Sign me up.


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