Geniuses At Work Again: Baltimore Spending $600,000 To Leave Current Speed Camera Operators

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The City of Baltimore is paying $600,000 to break away from Brekford, the company that currently is in charge of the city’s speed and red light cameras.  Cameras, which by the way,  haven’t been running since April because they were giving out tickets to motorists who weren’t speeding or running red lights.  Awesome.  So, let me get this timeline of stupidity straight.  First, the city pays a company to set up a bunch of traffic cameras, then whacks its citizens with a bunch of undeserved tickets, then continues to run the cameras, then gets caught, then shuts down the cameras, then pays more money to the company that fucked up the cameras in the first place.  Sound right?  This is our government at work, people.  How in the world does Brekford get a $600,ooo pay-day for installing and running a faulty camera system?   That’s like paying a cover charge to get into a restaurant, having your beer dumped on your head by the bartender, then having your food smashed into your face by the waitress, then paying the bill, and then paying an exit fee to leave.  Pure stupidity.  The city is literally throwing more money into a money pit.  But I guess it doesn’t matter, because the citizens will simply pay for it in the end. So now what happens?   Let me guess.  The taxpayers will pay more money to another company to have the cameras either replaced or modified.  Then the taxpayers will be issued tickets, real and undeserved ones I’m sure, through the mail in an unconstitutional money grab by our local government.  Yep, that sounds about right.  And believe it, it’s a money grab, it has nothing to do with public safety.  So bend over Balti-morons!  And to think, you voted for these idiots!

      Spending mo’ money!

Where $600,000 could have gone:

Lots of Books- for our illiterate kids.

Lots of Food- for our broke-ass or homeless citizens.

A couple of basketball courts to help give our kids something to do besides deal drugs.

A community gym for the same reason.

To help modernize 100 classrooms in our shitty, falling apart schools.

Anything else besides a project designed to rip people off.  (If the city hadn’t been caught giving false tickets, they would still be giving false tickets.)  And even the new cameras will give false tickets, guaranteed.

Think about it babes.

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