Fugitive Busted After Announcing Softball Plans On Facebook

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22-year-old Joey John Patterson of Boise, Idaho was a wanted man. Unfortunately for him, he was wanted on a felony warrant and not for some batting pointers. Patterson had violated his probation in a fraud case, and had been on the run for several months. All of the time he spent carefully eluding police went right out the window when he decided to foolishly post his whereabouts on Facebook. From KTVB:

The suspect updated his Facebook status Saturday afternoon, saying he was headed to batting practice at the softball field at the Armory Softball Field, and inviting others to join him. Patterson got more company than he bargained for when officers showed up at the field and took him into custody. Caldwell Police Sgt. Joey Hoadley said using social media to track down a fugitive was not that unusual. “We keep a close eye on that stuff,” he said. “Surprisingly, even fugitives can’t keep from updating their Facebook status, and it leads to some great arrests.” Patterson was booked into the Canyon County Jail, where he is being held without bond.

Criminals getting busted by their social media activity never ceases to amaze me. Watch The Wire, ya big goofs. It’s called a burner phone. While what Patterson did was insanely idiotic, I definitely understand where he was coming from. As an overweight former high school athlete with a bum knee, I absolutely love softball. There’s nothing better than roping base knocks, cracking jokes with your buddies, and enjoying a few cold ones. So I can’t be too upset at Patterson for jeopardizing his freedom to play softball. It’s one seductive temptress. Keep your head up in the joint, Joey John. I’ve got the perfect poster for your cell.


via KTVB & Uproxx
cover pic: KTVB/Caldwell Police Department

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