Fuck Whoever Put A Syringe In This Glen Burnie Kid’s Halloween Candy

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GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ)— Police in Anne Arundel County are investigating after they say a needleless syringe was found in a child’s bag of candy on Monday night.

Officers responded to a home on Gordon Drive in Glen Burnie around 7:30 p.m. after a parent reportedly found a needleless syringe mixed in with their child’s bag of candy.

“At this time it is uncertain where the syringe came from or who was responsible for giving the child the syringe,” police said in a news release.



Anyone who knows me knows my number one fear in life is getting stuck with a dirty syringe. I can’t explain why this is my biggest fear, especially since I have zero reason to believe this would ever happen, but as I’ve said before, my OCD isn’t one of my strong suits. Dirty needles are gross, end of story. Either way, anyone that would put this in a kid’s candy can go fuck themselves. Literally the shittiest move of all time. If I ever reached down to grab a Kit Kat (best Halloween candy, you can eat a million of them and never feel sick) and came out with a syringe I’d probably jump off a cliff.


PS- On second thought Hershey’s cookies and cream are probably the best Halloween candy….Just kidding, Reese’s. But come at me with some Dum Dums and you can get the fuck out of my face. But we all know the real MVP of Halloween is the guy giving out full size candy bars.




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