From Start To Finish, The Orioles’ Arms Were Awful In Game 1; Down 1-0 In Series

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What an all around terrible game for the Orioles’ pitchers. Tillman looked like shit, Britton looked like shit, despite O’Day making one good pitch, he looked like shit, and Brian Matusz just straight up sucks ass- and looked like shit.

Tillman just couldn’t find the strike zone at all tonight, and only made it 4.2 innings, while giving up 5 runs. He failed to be the ace we needed. The O’s bats were able to get to James Shields, scoring 4 runs off of him in five innings. After being down 5-1 early, the Orioles tied the game in the sixth¬†inning, and it was then bullpen versus bullpen, and ours came up short in extra innings. Gausman and Miller earned their paychecks. The rest did not.

Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 12.53.04 AM

Other Game Notes: 

O’Day can not be trusted right now. He got two huge outs on one pitch while bailing Zach Britton out, but he has been continually giving up the long ball at home lately.

Ryan Flaherty was one of the few bright spots on the night, and picked up 2 RBI and a run scored while recording 3 hits.

The O’s stranded the bases loaded in the bottom of the second. That really came back to bite them in the ass.

The supposed secret weapon out of the Kansas City bullpen, Finnegan, failed to record an out while facing 3 batters.


4 o’clock tomorrow. Let’s hope Bud Norris can right the sip and tie this series up.

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