Friends Of CCW, Weez and Kampe, Go Bobsledding In Utah (Video)

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Yes, you read that headline right.  Three weeks ago Charm City Wire associates Weez and Kampe went out to Park City, Utah on a ski trip.  They also decided to go plummeting down a slick sheet of ice at 80 miles per hour in a flimsy bobsled.  At Olympic Park (yes it is where they held the 2002 Winter Olympic Games)  you can buy a spot on a four man sled and get your winter speed fix.  Gotta say this looks pretty damn bad-ass, bro.

Both Weez and Kampe highly recommend doing this if you ever get the opportunity.  Weez called it, “fucking insane”  and, “a nut dropping experience in which I really didn’t know what the hell was going on.  It’s just raw speed.”  Weez also told us that the Park had experienced only one crash in the last twelve years and that the dude who had paid for the crashed ride hadn’t even realized that the sled had fallen on its side because they were “going so damn fast and the ride was so rugged that he had simply thought they were going through a really long turn.”  Sick.

Kampe, who is in the sled, sitting behind the sled’s driver, in the video below, simply said that, “It was a badass ride bruh, real nice.”

So here’s the video of  Kampe’s run below.  This camera was on the front of the sled.  Special thanks to Weez, Kampe, and Steve for sharing this with us.  Need for speed, bro.

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  1. Awesome ride!!

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