Fresno State Student Was Stressed Out Over Exams So He Banged A Sheep

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A 23-year-old student from Fresno State University was apparently so worked up over his midterm, that he decided he needed to go fuck a sheep. As in, this guy literally fucked a sheep. One student heard weird noises coming from the sheep barn, and upon investigating, found this horn ball raping one of the school’s sheep.

He was arrested and charged with sexual assault of an animal, and has been released.

How awkward do you think this guy had to feel when he’s mid-sheepfuck, and makes the worst eye contact anyone’s ever made with someone who caught him raping the university’s esteemed ewe.

This guy’s really made waves around campus, and his sex story is now being referred to as the “sheep incident.” His teacher must feel like shit knowing that the exam was so hard on this guy that he raped a farm animal. Just think of the weirdness that must have been just lurking in that classroom when he had to actually take the exam. Guaranteed all that was on the teacher’s mind was that this guy’s a total sheep-fucker, and this guy’s touching my exam with his dirty sheep-fucker hands. I wouldn’t even grade the test. Not after those foul mitts of his had been all over it.

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