Free Beer and a Free Bar Crawl In Fells Point This Saturday. Yep, The Folks At Loople Are At It Again

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The Explore Bmore bar crawl series, brought to you by Loople, hits Fells Point this Saturday at noon.  Last week in Canton, at part one of this three Saturday event, you got a free drink and access to great drink specials all day long at six different bars.  It’s the same deal this week in Fells Point.  Starting at noon, check in with Loople at Dogwatch Tavern for your free drink and for more great specials at The Cat’s Eye Pub, The Point, The Greene Turtle, and Blarney Stone.  All you gotta do is download the Loople app, which would honestly be a good idea regardless of your attendance.  But a bar crawl, of course, makes everything better- even downloading must-have apps.

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“What is Loople?,” you ask?  Well, simply put, it’s this :

Loople is a great new app that brings a night out in Baltimore right to your fingertips. Loople shows you the where, the what, and the what you want- all on your smart phone. Want to get gassed with some local crazies? Want to watch the game at a great Baltimore watering hole? Sure you do, and you need to find a great bar with great specials. Loople shows you where that bar is and what the specials are.

 Or, maybe you’re moving up in class for the evening. Want a nice and expensive dinner so you can show off your new clip-on tie? Absolutely you do, Mr. Ahoy Polloi, and Loople’s got you covered. You can filter your choices and preferences on your app to help you find exactly what you want.

 Loople also keeps you in the “Loop” with your degenerate drinking pals and any other social circle you run in. Loople makes it easier than ever for folks to get together at any of Baltimore’s great bars and restaurant. Finding this evening’s Baltimore crew is simpler than ever, babes. Check out the app and more info by clicking here.



Loople is here to simplify your booze-hound life.  No more annoying group texts that go on forever.  No more phone calls that you can’t hear in loud bars.  The when, where, and who is now all in one place.

So head down to Fells this Saturday, download the future, and drink a free one on Loople.  Stay tuned for round three….






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