Four Teenagers Robbed Baltimore Man In Patterson Park Using Medieval Ball And Chain

News — August 4, 2014 at 5:54 pm by


The Knights of the Round Table have struck again, this time in Patterson Park in Baltimore. A 41-year-old man claimed that four teenagers tried to attack him during a cell phone robbery attempt, armed with a ball and chain. This weapon is also known as a flail or mace, and was used during medieval times.  These Kids in King Arthur’s Court decided not to use a more common robbery weapon, like a handgun or a knife, but instead opted for something much more conspicuous, and far less practical.


Brilliant plan by these teens. Risk getting an armed robbery charge just to try to steal the cell phone of a random man sitting in public while it’s still light out. Not sure what could possibly go wrong. Unfazed by the threat of a weapon that has probably not killed anybody in 600 years, the man decided to chase these teeny boppers to Baltimore Street, where they then fled the scene. The suspects are thought to be around 14-16 years old. Just a couple of young minotaurs wielding a mace, roaming the streets of Baltimore, looking for trouble.

Both victim and cell phone are safe.


via Baltimore Sun

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