Forsett, Ravens, Run Over Saints 34-27. Feels Right At Home In The Dome, Son.

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Justin Forsett is an absolute beast in this Gary Kubiak system.  Forsett picked, powered, and burst his way to 182 yards and 2 touchdowns in tonight’s win against the Saints . It was a thorough gashing.  Forsett averaged 8 yards per carry and he even threw in two catches. (Think about that for a second- eight yeards per carry.  Ridiculous.) Forett has the vision and patience for this zone blocking scheme and it seems every other touchdown he scores he on a stretch play to the right behind Marshall Yanda and Rick Wagner.  Justin runs this play to perfection.  He is patient enough for the hole to open and he has the vision and burst to avoid tacklers in the second level.  Not only was this the play call when Forsett scored his first TD, but it was a play that the Ravens ran multiple times on Monday night for big Forsett gains.  I still can’t believe that he was almost out of football this past off-season.


The Ravens came out of their bye week needing this win just to keep pace in the crowded AFC North.  With the win tonight the Ravens ran their record to 7-4, which means that every team in their division is three games over .500.  That has never happened before in NFL history. So to say this win was big would be an understatement.  And it wasn’t just Forsett who played well for the Ravens offense in this key road victory.  Joe Flacco looked great and freshened, going 18/24 for 243 yards and a touchdown to Steve Smith Senior.  Flacco beat the blitz on several occasions, most notably on a long in-route gain to Torrey Smith in the second quarter, and  was decisive on his throws and quick to recognize one on one coverage. The Ravens were balanced to the extreme, not only with their run/pass play calling, but with Flacco’s pass distributions as well.  Seven different players caught passes with the Smiths leading the way.  (Torrey 5-98, Steve 4-89)


When the Ravens can execute this balance and can remain in rhythm, they are very tough to stop.  Baltimore had no problem keeping pace with the famed Brees/Payton offensive machine and that gained the Ravens a much-needed road win.  The Ravens do look quite at home in the dome of New Orleans.  I guess winning a Super Bowl there will do that.

Speaking of Brees and Payton, their offense gained over 500 yards of offense versus the Ravens.  420 of those yards came from Brees, who carved up the Baltimore secondary.  But the big, bad, Birds did keep Jimmy Graham relatively in check (6-47) and they did turn the Saints over on downs on the first possession of the game with a nice goal line stand.  Oh, and Will Hill also logged his first pick six as a Ravens, stepping in front of the battered Jimmy Graham in the third quarter to return a Brees throw 44 yards for the Baltimore score.  The Ravens may have done a lot of bending Monday night, but they didn’t actually break.  They sacked Brees four times, they kept the Saints in check and they made big plays when they needed to.  Despite 500 yards, I’d say it was a solid performance.

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Other Notes

Suggs got his 100th sack.

Dumervil had two sacks.

Torrey Smith played his best game of the year, juking defenders after the catch and running crisp routes to get open.

Justin Tucker is a weapon.  His 55 yarder was never in doubt.

Steve Smith is nuts and he almost beat the snot out of Saints safety Jimmy Vaccaro.  Even better was the fact that Vaccaro got the flag after getting the worst of the fracas.  Smith also said that he felt at home here in Baltimore because he was surrounded by tough guys like himself now every day.  Welcome home, babes.

Big one at home next Sunday versus the Chargers.  Can’t wait.


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