Former Terp Terrell Stoglin Was In The Middle Of A Massive On-court Brawl In Lebanon

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In case you were wondering, Terrell Stoglin is number 12 in the green jersey in that clip. Also known as the guy getting the absolute shit kicked out of him. It’s a damn shame that Stoglin was such a knucklehead because that dude could fill it up. He lead the ACC in scoring as a sophomore after averaging 21.6 points per game during the 2011-2012 season. But when facing a suspension for the entire upcoming season, he declared for the NBA Draft. Stoglin went undrafted and has played in France, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and Lebanon. Stoglin scored 74 points in a game about a month back, so while his fighting skills desperately need some work, he still knows how to put the ball in the basket. Maybe John Gilchrist can give him some pointers over the offseason.

via FTW & Testudo Times
cover pic: WRAL Sports Fan

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