Former Terp O’Brien Campus Hopping….. Again

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catawbaFormer Terp QB and ACC rookie of the year, Danny O’Brien, is transferring colleges, again. O’Brien left Maryland after a disappointing 2011 for the University of Wisconsin. Things didn’t go too well in the Badger state, and Danny found himself sidelined after three games. He’s now changing schools again, this time taking a step back to Division II Catawba College in Salisbury N.C.

Danny is saying this is a great opportunity to get to play closer to his hometown. I guess that’s what you have to say, heaven forbid he were to speak the truth. That truth is that he couldn’t cut it in the BIG 10 and he’d rather be the big man on campus at a school that’s name has never been uttered by Chris Berman, than be anyone’s damn back up. You’ve got to respect the love of the game aspect of this, but it certainly isn’t the way Danny drew it up.  I’ve personally been to Salisbury N.C. and to say it’s in the middle of nowhere is giving it too much credit. Danny may not be making Sports Center highlights anymore but for him at least he’s still playing ball and living the college dream, chicks included. Party on Danny, party on.

Welcome Danny.....

Welcome Danny….. football nowhere.

… football nowhere.


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