Former Terp Alex Len Pretty Much Started A Brawl In Monday’s Suns/Heat Game

Sports and Bets — March 3, 2015 at 1:04 am by

I don’t know what the announcer was talking about “composure issues for the Suns” for. The two were just playing hard basketball, and if someone comes down on you in a showboating way, in my opinion you have every right to throw them off of you to the ground. I’m not advocating fighting, but I am advocating not letting people walk all over you. It’s nice to see players who aren’t like LeBron, who got kicked in the dick and did nothing about it.

You’ve got to be proud of your boy Len for putting on some serious size, and he’s actually having a quality year for the Suns.

What a night for former Terps getting in brawls out on the court though.

This is also not the first time Alex Len’s been in a fight in his brief time in the NBA. This incident happened last season.

Way to go Swaggy P, find the smallest white guy on the court and throw a bitch punch. What a BAD ASS.


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