Former Raven QB Scott Mitchell Is Going On The Biggest Loser

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Journeyman quarterback Scott Mitchell has put on some serious weight since his playing days ended. The 6-6 lefty now weighs 366 pounds. I would like to make fun of Mitchell for his mediocre career, and for turning into a giant fat boy, but his story for appearing on The Biggest Loser is pretty sad. On the show’s website, it says that the main reason Mitchell’s going on the show is because his dad passed away last year from obesity-related causes, and he’s worried that he’s heading down the same path. He’s now 46 years old, and suffers from sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Mitchell has five kids ranging from 11 to 21, and he wants to be able to be there for his family.

Best of luck to you, Scott. I’ll be tuning in with a Diddy-esque enthusiasm.

via Deadspin & NBC

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