Former Oriole Jerry Hairston, Jr. Thinks The Orioles Should Trade Machado For…Matt Kemp

Sports and Bets — December 16, 2017 at 4:56 pm by



Jerry Hairston, Jr. played with just about every team in the majors during his career, including both the Orioles and Dodgers, and after his career was hired to work on the Dodgers pre and post game broadcasting crew, so he know both organizations well.

And apparently Jerry thinks that a Matt Kemp for Manny Machado trade is a fair deal.

This sounds like something somebody who has ZERO clue of what they’re talking about says when they call a local radio station and ask why the Orioles don’t package Ryan Flaherty and Wade Miley for Chris Sale. Get out of here with your nonsense Jerry, and don’t disrespect the name of Manny Machado.



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