Former Australian Rugby Player Breaks His Arm During Arm Wrestling Contest

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Jesus, the sound of Wendell Sailor breaking Ben Ross’ arm is absolutely disgusting. It’s enough to make you lose your lunch, yet I can’t stop watching it. Maybe that’s because I’m a giant sicko, or maybe it’s because I thoroughly enjoy this slapdick throwing up the X.

“Oh, everyone else in the audience is gasping at this poor guy’s arm snapping like a breadstick. This is a perfect time to find the camera and do my best Dante Hall impression.”

And just in case you needed another reminder that Australian rugby players are fucking insane, check out these tweets from the show’s Twitter account.

I wouldn’t even open my own pickle jars after suffering an injury like that, and this dude’s already clamoring for a rematch. Talk about a warrior. As much as I respect Ross’ toughness, a rematch would be asinine. There’s only one man that could defeat Sailor and that’s Lincoln Fucking Hawk. Once that hat is turned around, Sailor would be in for a beatdown of colossal proportions.

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