Forget January-The Playoffs Started Three Weeks Ago

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Can you sense that familiar feeling creeping back up your spine Ravens fans? That’s right, as much as we thought it wasn’t gonna show up this year, low and behold here “it” is. “It” is that magical hope, faith, and excitement that we feel knowing that the Ravens are gonna fuck somebody’s shit up in the playoffs. Once again it looks like we’re gonna find ourselves being that team that nobody wants to play in January.

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Yes, this season has been tough. Our running game has been almost non-existent, Joe has a career high in interceptions, and we have only managed two road wins this year. But still this resilient team finds themselves with a stranglehold on the final playoff berth, with control of their own destiny and a chance to wrestle away the Bengals season long hold on the division title. Things are lining up for the Ravens to make another playoff run. They are winning games in so many different ways right now. A week after winning a late arriving shoot out at home, they go on the road and win a game with only field goals against one of the most potent offenses in the NFL. Whatever it takes, this team is doing it.


What has changed during this four game winning streak that wasn’t there six weeks ago? First and foremost the Ravens have limited the turnovers drastically.  Not counting the snow game, the Ravens have only turned the ball over twice in three games (and even counting the snow game they only have five in four games.) During that same stretch they have forced seven turnovers, and it’s no secret that in the NFL the recipe for success is winning the turnover battle. That’s something the Ravens were definitely not doing early in the year. Not only were they turning the ball over often, but they weren’t forcing the turnovers. But now Matt Elam is really starting to get it, and Jimmy Smith is playing lights out. It seems like we’re getting more pressure and that’s causing interceptions like the one Daryl Smith had fall into his lap Monday night. All in all it looks like a much more aggressive defensive team that is constantly attacking, rather than sitting back, reading and reacting, and allowing things to happen.

Offensively the Ravens are getting back to throwing more deep balls. The result has been a ton of big plays and a ton of long pass interference penalties from their opponents. The Ravens have perfected the art of drawing these long forty and fifty yard PI’s, almost as if it’s a called play in the huddle. “Torrey and Jacoby, you go long and I’ll throw a fifty yard moonshot and who cares if you catch it, just burn the DB and the zebras will throw the flag. Line, give me some fucking time!” Ok that’s probably not how it goes down, but hey it might as well. If they could just get a little bit more room in the running game, I would feel better about our chances in January. By the way, does Vonta Leach ever play anymore? It seems like every time we run, we try to run out of the shotgun or pistol. Hey Jim Caldwell, don’t forget you have a certified fucking monster of a fullback at your disposal, might want to let the dog eat once in a while.

I said in the title the playoffs have already started for the Ravens, and it’s true. Who would have thought that Miami would be putting all of this pressure on the Ravens for the sixth playoff seed?  I know nobody out there thought the Ravens would be putting pressure on Cincy for the division. Three weeks ago I thought we could still lose one more game and comfortably stroll into the playoffs. That is definitely not happening, as the Ravens have been playing must win games now for a month. One loss and we’re out, and while the remaining schedule looks daunting, the feeling around town is that it doesn’t matter who we play right now; the Ravens’ confidence is at a very high level.  The Pats are coming to town, and the attitude around here is, who fucking cares, bring ‘em on! When we win this game, and a third straight division title is within our grasp, there is no way Cincy will hold us off. We are battle tested in playoff time, and Cincy hasn’t won a playoff game since 1990. In 1990 I was nine years old!

This song was big the last time Cincy won a playoff game.

At this time of the year, all a fan can ask for is that his or her team has the ability to control their own destiny. Win and you’re in, lose and go home. That’s what stands in front of the Ravens. The league has our faces pressed up to the flame, are we going to let them burn us or are we gonna throw their asses back? You already know what I think babes.

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