For Around 13 Bucks, I’m Loving The Lobster Roll Pick Two At Panera

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by Babes

Everybody freakin’ loves Panera.  What’s not to love, babes?  The food is served fast and it’s always solid.  What’s even better, in these fry-heavy, fast-food menu days, of fat-asses, split pants, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, Panera offers a lot of healthier, quick serve options.

Yesterday, I didn’t necessarily want to eat a salad with lemon squeezed on it, but I didn’t want a immediate-crap inducing fast food burger either, so I stopped into my local Panera for one of their non-salad menu items.

I ended up skeptically ordering the Lobster Roll sandwich.  (I did the Pcik Two with the chowder.) I was skeptical because what the hell kind of Lobster Roll was I gonna get at Panera? But I wanted something different than usual so order it, I did.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually the picture of the featured item at a place like Panera exaggerates on the size of the item, but in this case the picture almost doesn’t do the Lobster Roll justice.  I counted four or five huge chunks of lobster in the one I ordered.

At only $13, for the size and the amount of lobster you get on the sandwich, I was very impressed.  They mix the lobster chunks in a mayo based sauce that complements the texture of the meat.  I actually had to eat two of the large chunks of lobster with my fork before diving into the sandwich as a whole.

I also have nothing but good things to say about the summer corn chowder that I paired with the sandwich.  That chowder, coupled with the always stellar bread baguette that come as a side, completed a quite lovely lunch that was relatively cheap and definitely fast.

The lobster roll is a temporary seasonal item so jump on it while supplies last people.

(editor’s note:  Babes gets too damn excited about food and forgot to take his own pics of the lobster roll.  This one is from Trip Advisor.  The full sandwich is $15)

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