Flying Hatchet Almost Spears Passenger On I-95

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Massachusetts State Police’s FacebookThese motorists, whom we are not identifying, endured a very frightening moment shortly before 11 a.m. today as they were driving on Route 95 southbound in Topsfield. A landscaper driving a dump truck in front of them had failed to properly secure an axe, which flew off the truck and struck the windshield of the car behind it. Thankfully, the axe only went halfway through the windshield. The passenger who is partially seen in the photo was shaken up (who wouldn’t be?) but not injured. Trooper Joseph Risteen of the Newbury Barracks responded to the scene and cited the truck driver, who is from Peabody, for failure to secure cargo, which carries a $200 fine.¬†

Wow, it’s awesome that this poor woman made it out of this horrifying ordeal safely. Taking an ax to the face wouldn’t rank too highly on my power rankings of preferred ways to leave this earth. I wouldn’t wish those brief instants of terror on my worst enemy. Even though this was a very bizarre incident, the craziest part of this whole situation to me was the paltry $200 fine. That makes the Ray Rice suspension look like a lifetime ban. This guy should have been fined for every penny that he’s worth, and forced to spend a winter in an abandoned hotel with Jack Torrance.


And who is going to pay this lady’s dry cleaning bill? You know damn well that those capris are filled to the brim with fear-induced butt relase. Her police department really let her down with that soft-ass punishment. But I guess after a scare like that, you are just happy to walk away unscathed.

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