Florida Woman Got Naked, Fondled Herself, Climbed On Cars

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31-year-old Amie Carter was recently arrested for doing the world’s worst Tawny Kitaen impression. According to the Orlando Police Department, Carter got naked, performed a lewd act, and damaged a car while she “appeared to be under the influence [of] a heavy unknown substance.” Here’s more details from The Smoking Gun:

Responding to a 911 call about a “reported naked woman climbing on top of cars and walking in traffic,” cops found Carter attempting to mount a vehicle stopped at a traffic light. After officers wrestled an uncooperative Carter out of the roadway, they “secured her in handcuffs and covered her in a blanket.” Sarah Carlson, a passenger in the Lexus, told police that Carter approached the vehicle and “fondled herself in front of the car” before climbing on the auto. Carter then allegedly “started stomping” on the vehicle’s hood, said Carlson, who added that Carter also threw a cell phone at the car behind the Lexus. Carlson’s husband told cops that Carter left dents in his car’s roof and hood, damage he estimated at upwards of $1500.

Carter was arrested for criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs. That sounds pretty fair to me. Last time I checked, you’re not allowed to beat the hell out of a car while playing with your pussy. I’m sure she was having a blast, but hey, rules are rules. So in the future, Amie, please leave your diddling sessions in the bedroom, and only destroy cars when playing Street Fighter II.

story and pic via: The Smoking Gun

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