Flacco Knows He Needs To Be Better

Sports and Bets — October 26, 2016 at 1:56 pm by




It’s the Ravens bye week, and it seems like Flacco is looking in the mirror to find the guy who is most crucial to a Ravens turnaround.

Has Flacco been the worst player on the team? Obviously not. And the people screaming for Ryan Mallet to start are insane (Unless Flacco’s shoulder injury is worse than we’re being told). But if the two quarterbacks are healthy, clearly Flacco’s the guy. But there’s no doubt about it that Flacco needs to start playing more consistently, and needs to start now. We can’t score 10 in the first quarter and then stall for the next three. We can’t have interceptions on back to back throws. And we can’t keep relying on a final drive of the game to try and win. Right now this is a minor league offense, and Flacco knows to turn the ship around it starts with him.


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