Five Thoughts From The Sweet 16

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And then there were 8.  Only the elite remain in the NCAA tournament as the Sweet 16 wrapped up play sometime around 3 a.m. last night.  Not only are these tournament games broadcasted into the wee hours of the morning, the NCAA refuses to broadcast the games in their own time slot, instead preferring to force us to flip channels constantly as some of the best and most important games of the season play out.  Being in prime time is great , but isn’t the NCAA essentially competing against itself for ratings?  I don’t get it.  Why not start the games at four p.m. and then play them in succession?  Just a thought, I’m sure basketball junkies would love it.

But enough bitchin’.  I mean, it’s tough to really complain when there were so many compelling games to watch and flip through.  Exciting stuff is still going on in March. There’s a lot to talk about and I’ve put together five things to discuss. Here ya go.

1. Arizona/SDSU, or Better Known as the Nick Johnson vs Xavier Thames Show, Was Full of Clutch-

Nick Johnson scored 15 points for Arizona Thursday night and all of them were bucketed with 2:45 or less remaining in the game.  Can you say clutch?  Arizona struggled for much of the contest against a San Diego State team who came out of the locker room like a boss.  SDSU played a monster game in defeat against what may be the best team in the country.  In fact Arizona was the team that looked intimidated until Johnson finally took control.  Johnson put on a basketball clinic in crunch time with big threes, drives to the bucket and slick passing.  No wonder he was Pac-12 Player of the Year.  Meanwhile Xavier Thames is a straight up baller for the Aztecs.  This kid’s got big time smoothness and swagger on the court.  Thames was fouled on a three-point attempt with the Aztecs trailing and with under a minute remaining in the game.  As he stepped to the line there was ZERO doubt in my mind that he was making all three free throws.  He of course drained all three like he was shooting at a hoop in his driveway.  Cold-blooded and clutch, and it sucks that his season is over and that I didn’t watch the Aztecs play more this year.

2.  The Refs Screwed Up The Michigan/Tennesse Game By Making A Shitty Charge Call

With 6 seconds left in the Tennessee/Michigan game the ever-present refs called a charge on Tennessee Volunteer Jarnell Stokes as he drove to the basket off of an inbounds pass into the low post.  The call was horrific and it rewarded an obvious flop by Michigan forward Jordan Morgan, who crashed to the floor like he’d been tasered by the Indianapolis police department.  The flop was so bad that even my wife said, “that was fake.”  But a charge was called nonetheless and a dramatic ending was ruined by the zebras.

3. The ACC Was Soooo Weak This Year

After watching ACC basketball almost exclusively this season I made the improper assumption that college basketball sucked everywhere.  Not so.  The Pac 12, Big 10, and SEC all have a good product with high talent level teams and nice point guard play.  The Elite 8 is ACC-less for a reason, and even though Virginia was very good, and easily the best of the ACC (see Duke loss to Mercer) they couldn’t quite pull off a win against a stacked Michigan State team.  The talent is west and south young man.  Maybe Maryland’s move to the Big 10 is a smart one basketball wise.  Roy Williams and Coach K can’t coach forever and with the exception of a one year peak from Virginia, everyone else’s program seems pretty average.

4.  Dayton Coach Archie Miller’s Wife Is Hot and I Demand More Cut-Aways To Her in The Crowd.

Dayton is playing great, but they will not get past the Florida Gators.  We need as much Morgan Miller as possible tonight.

5.  The Final Four will be, Michigan State, Kentucky, Florida, and Wisconsin.

MSU will wear down UCONN, Kentucky will win in another thriller over Michigan, Florida will murder Dayton, and Wisconsin will beat Zona in another thriller.  By the way, the Zona/Wsiconsin bracket is the only one to stay true to form with a 1 vs 2 matchup. And don’t play zone against Wisconsin like Baylor did, it doesn’t work babes.


Enjoy the games!



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