First It Was Branding His Woman, Now It Is Dog Touching

News — September 19, 2013 at 3:12 pm by

Earlier this month, Christopher Lynn Jackson was arrested for allegedly branding his girlfriend’s “vaginal area,” later informing her that “her vagina was his.” Once the woman decided to come forward, she claimed Jackson took her to a baseball game and then asked to take her dancing. After slipping her pills that he claimed were for energy, the victim recalls waking up to pain. He had in fact branded her with the initials “C” and “J.”

Investigation of this case has once again led to Jackson’s arrest, this time for bestiality. While executing a search warrant Monday, detectives discovered videos of the  47-year-old and two different women separately performing various sex acts with  Jackson’s male German Shepherd. People like this actually exist.

Ignoring that stern G Dubya glare, it’s almost as if they are stunned this was terms for an arrest.


via Gawker

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