First Fight Recorded At MGM National Harbor Didn’t Take Long…

Fails, Fights — December 9, 2016 at 11:59 am by

Believe it or not, the new MGM Casino at the National Harbor, had it’s very first fight. Thursday was opening night for the casino, and with upwards of 25,000 people checking the joint out, MGM got their first chance to work out the kinks. At one point or another, a casino fight is inevitable. Adrenaline is high, suckers like me are loosing every dime they have, so every mush is ultimately on edge. This place was nuts to butts Thursday night reaching capacity in under an hour, so the odds of an incident increases tenfold.

I’ll cut some slack because it’s new and hectic, and I know MGM is no rookie to controlling a casino. I’m optimistic about this place, and am still pumped to check it out.

PS Opening night of anything = No Bueno

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  1. Where’s all the security??? I got clapped up in 10 seconds for taking a picture??? These guys are taking chairs!!!

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