Fire Sauce Before 10AM…..Taco Bell Breakfast is Bringing the Noise

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Taco Bell is a well established innovator in the fast food market. The late night “fourth meal” is always featuring new Mexican dishes no one from Mexico has even heard of.  But think Taco Bell is just for hammered drunk Friday nights?  Not anymore.  TB is now venturing into the next day hangover, as they have created a breakfast menu. The Chode went to check it out, and he’s giving  it a big two thumbs up!


Taco Bell introduced their  new breakfast menu with a pretty direct haymaker at McDonald’s breakfast with their “I’m Ronald McDonald” and “I love Taco Bell Breakfast” commercials. Little over the top here, taco guys. No one makes a better breakfast sandwich than good old Ronald McDonald. To say anything else is simply ludicrous. That said, Taco Bell’s morning lineup hits the spot on a rough Saturday morning.

Everybody is serving breakfast on bread. Maybe where you do your morning dining will go crazy and feature a breakfast burrito. But who has something as crazy as a Waffle Taco or an AM Crunch Wrap? Only the Bell, baby. What’s not to love about dipping a sausage waffle taco into a side of syrup?  Someone else should have thought of this sooner. The AM Crunch Wrap is loaded up with steak, eggs, cheese , and hash browns and then tightly wrapped into a tortilla and served with some Fire Sauce on the side (Fire Sauce is only for those with balls and stomachs of iron.)  The Crunch Wrap, simply put, is the pride and joy of this new morning menu. If you live under a freakin’ rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  Taco Bell is serving up a new hangover cure that will have you ready for fireball shots again in no time.

One dude in here is from Easton, Maryland.  Eastern Shore reppin’ the Bizzell.


  1. This new Taco Bell breakfast is perfect for those mornings when you want to stay in and blow up your toliet until 3 PM

  2. The feeling of tremendous relief that is associated with the expulsion of heavy diarrhea is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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