Fine Dining Wars: Babes Rates B-More’s Big 6 Steakhouses

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by Babes
Just like our credo states, we’re  men of leisure, and men of leisure should eat like kings.  To eat like a king you need to dine at places that treat you like a king.  I’ve spent the last few weeks doing a lovely tour around the fine dining steakhouses here in Charm City, and let me tell you, I’ve eaten like a sixteenth century European King.  Henry the 8th’s got nothin’ on me babes.

My tour has consisted of what’s widely considered the top seven steakhouses in Baltimore: Ruth’sChris,  Morton’s,  The Capital Grille, Fleming’s, Sullivan’s, The Prime Rib, and Fogo De Chao.  Let me start by saying that I didn’t have a bad meal at any of them and every place displayed impeccable service and served amazing food.
After experiencing this tour of tender beef and gluttony I decided not to include Fogo De Chao in the rankings because it’s a different style of steakhouse than the others.  It’s a Brazilian steakhouse and it’s all you can eat for one price.  But man if you like meat, this could be your spot.  For $54 bucks you get an all you can eat salad bar, two sides, and all the cooked animals you can possibly stomach.  The selections range from filet, strip steak, pork, sirloin steak, sausage, chicken, and other various meats.  I believe the night we ate there they had fourteen different meats that you could choose from and eat as much of as you like.  Add to that a great atmosphere, and Fogo De Chao gets a glowing recommendation from most of us here at Charm City. (Except for Seabass who finds the whole set-up annoying.)  Just make sure you starve yourself the day of and lay off the soda.
So now we’re left with the Big-6 Steakhouses, all of which are traditional white cloth, spend big money, pomp and circumstance, big pimpin’ steak joints.   When I go to a fine dining steakhouse, I usually stick to the bread and butter.  Not literally, but I stick to ordering the largest filet mignon possible for dinner.  I also tend to order some sort of seafood as an appetizer. For all six restaurants I stuck to that same basic formula so the rankings would be uniform.  Fair enough?  Good babes. let’s eat.babes sullivan's
6. At six I would have to put Sullivan’s.  The food was good but not great.  We ordered the cold shellfish platter, which we always do, and it was a little smaller than what I’m accustomed to.   However, it did come with a very tasty rémoulade dipping sauce for dipping the crab meat cocktail, and the oysters were fresh like Doug E.  We also ordered the oysters rockefeller, another one of my staples, and they were good sized and tasty. The steak, however, was a little lacking.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I wasn’t blown away, and when I’m paying a small fortune for a meal I like to be blown away. It seems like Sullivan’s is trying to be Ruth’sChris but they just can’t quite pull it off.  The quality of food seemed to be just a half-step down from the others with the prices being the same.  Unfortunately there is no reason for me to go back there because I know where I can find better.

5. Ranking fifth on my list would be Flemings.  Here we branched out a little and ordered a little differently here by starting with the seared tuna.  It was good but I’ve had just as good tuna at Bonefish and the accompanying sauces are actually better at Bonefish.  We then shared a Ceaser salad, which was good, and then on to the entrees.  My wife had a rib eye which was very flavorful and cooked to perfection.  I took the waiter’s suggestion and tried the 16 ounce bone-in filet, which to me was a major mistake.  On top of paying $58 dollars for it, at least four or five ounces of the extra weight was the bone and surrounding fat that had to be cut away.  The trade off was supposed to be the extreme tenderness of the meat, but I didn’t notice any more tenderness than with a normal filet at any of the other steakhouses.  In closing, I would not be in a rush to go back to Flemings.
4. At the fourth spot I would have to go with the very conveniently located Prime Rib steakhouse.  I say conveniently located because its about ten feet away from the blackjack table at Maryland Live casino. (They also have an original location which is still on Chase Street in Baltimore.) So when you finish a good shoe you can roll right over to celebrate with a twenty five year old scotch and a fat chunk of  beef.
The atmosphere is incredible at The Prime Rib as they have a beautiful patio lounge area complete with a fire place and heaters for year round use.  If your into wine they have a very extensive collection highlighted by a large array of Cabernet and Pinot Noirs.
As far as the food goes it was as to be expected.  My wife had the Prime Rib but was not overly impressed.  I had the filet as usual and it was prepared perfectly and very good.  Where I felt the food fell short was the side dishes and appetizers.  For an app we ordered the oysters rockefeller and shrimp cocktail and I was quite disappointed with both.  The spinach was not even melted onto the oysters and the shrimp was very small for the price we paid.  We then had the au gratin potatoes which were good but not even close to memorable.  Overall the experience was average and the only reason I would go back is because of the location and ambiance.

Location, location.

Location, location.

With the remaining three steakhouses:  Ruth’sChris, Morton’s, and The Capital Grille, it’s really hard to decipher between them because they were all awesome in every way.  I would jump at the chance at returning to all three of these restaurants.  But in the spirit of this list I’m gonna make myself choose between them so here we go.
3.  I’m putting Ruth’sChris here despite the fact that I liked their steak the best.  The filet is out of this world served and it’s on a sizzling plate, which is pimp as shit and is what eating like a king is all about.  Accompany that with some crab meat cocktail and ugh babes…it’s to die for.  I also love their mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.  Seabass loves the New York Strip and claims it’s the best steak on the planet.

babes ruth
2. The Capital Grille babes.  The steaks are ridiculous and I love how this place presents itself.  It’s opulence 101. On top of ridiculous steaks is the massive cold shellfish platter. This thing is a behemoth with oysters, shrimp cocktail, crab cocktail, snow crab legs, and king crab claws.  Dive in with the gems of the sea. It’s awesome. Another very enjoyable dish was the lobster Mac and Cheese which is one of their signature side dishes.

Cap Grille Babes

Cap Grille Babes

1. For the sake of the list, Numero Uno is Morton’s.  The steaks and sides were amazing, but what really separates it for me was the hot and cold shellfish platter appetizers.   You can order either hot or cold, or both hot and cold and it’s set up per person.  We ordered both and they were absolutely ridiculous.  This is one of my favorite apps on the planet. The cold one was pretty standard per the other restaurants with shrimp and crab cocktail along with fresh oysters.  But the hot platter that contained shrimp Louisiana, oysters rockefeller, and bacon wrapped scallops was in another stratosphere.  There is nothing better than seafood done to perfection, and that’s exactly what this is.

So replace those jean shorts with a solid pair of pants, grab a great looking broad and your credit card and roll into one of Baltimore’s best steakhouses.  Good grub awaits babes.

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