Fight Breaks Out At Dolphins/49ers Game, All While One Guy Is Just Pissed With The Play Calling

Fights, Sports and Bets — November 28, 2016 at 9:55 pm by

Wooo, another NFL stadium fight. Fighting in the stands doesn’t make you a good fan, in fact, probably the opposite. During the Dolphins/49ers game this past Sunday, some fans let their team spirit get the best of them.

The uploader provided this description, but failed to mention the rogue Steelers fan.

A brawl broke out on November 27, 2016 between essentially 2 drunk Miami Dolphins fans and 2 San Francisco 49ers fans in section 334. With the score fairly close at 31-24 with 2 minutes to go the disgusting Miami Dolphins fans were getting pretty tight and decided to pick out a couple guys to beat on to vent their frustration. Anti semitic comments can be overheard. Stadium security never found the attackers.

If there is one thing to appreciate about this, it is the irritated Dolphin fan. He went to watch a game, and no scuffle is going to interfere with his frustration. He doesn’t like the play calling, and he wants answers.

via Deadspin

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