Fifteen Fantasy Football Sleepers For 2013

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If you’re a serious fantasy football player and you’re not at least mentally putting your board together than you’re already behind.  Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up here on the Wire.  Remember, I have no life and I’ve been doing mocks since March.

I’m actually not a fan of the term sleeper, I prefer the term value picks. This is a list of 15 guys that are under the radar right now that will make nice value picks come late August depending, of course, on when they are drafted. Some are mid-round guys while others might be guys you can pluck off the waiver wire early in the season.

These players are listed by position and not by rank.

Palmer's looking to restart his career

Palmer’s looking to restart his career

QB-Carson Palmer: The teaming of Palmer and Head Coach and passing game guru Bruce Arians makes for a very interesting combo.  Arians guided Andrew Luck to a very prolific passing season last year and I’m confident he’ll do it again in Arizona with Palmer. There are a couple of reasons that I like Palmer, first being that he gets to throw to Larry Fitzgerald.  Second, he will throw six hundred passes this season barring injury, and third, the Arizona defense will not be quite as good this year  as last. which will lead to them playing from behind often. I like Palmer as a late round backup to one of the top twelve QB’s with upside potential to start a few weeks.

When with the Saints, Ivory displayed beast mode more than once.

When with the Saints, Ivory displayed beast mode more than once.

RB-Chris Ivory: The former Saints’ running back has always been buried on the depth chart in New Orleans, but he gets a new life with the Jets.  For the first time in his career he will get the lion’s share of the carries. This guy  passes the eye test when you watch what he’s done in limited work as he has averaged over five yards a carry for most of his career. I can’t believe its taken this long for another team to snatch this guy away to be a lead back. He will benefit from the fact that Rex Ryan is gonna want to run the ball thirty-five times a game and he should get twenty to twenty-five of those carries per. I will look to take him in the early to mid fourth round, and would be happy with him as my RB2 if I choose to take a big time receiver or Jimmy Graham in the early rounds.

RB-Mark Ingram: I know this guy gets over drafted every year but I feel like he won’t this year. He’s pissed off too many fantasy owners, so I doubt he’ll be considered before the sixth round.   But I actually love him in the sixth or later this year.  With Sean Peyton back I expect huge things from the Saints offense and Ingram will reap the benefits. I also expect him to get quite a few red zone carries and approach the eight hundred to a thousand yard mark this season on the ground.  I really like Ingram as a flex option.

Mendenhall will probably be the starter in the desert

Mendenhall will probably be the starter in the desert

RB-Rashard Mendenhall: I’m adding this former Steeler only for the sheer fact that he will be drastically under drafted in my opinion this year. I think Mendenhall is soft and injury prone, but at the same time he is  being reunited with his former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.  Arians has already stated that he is the front-runner for the starting job.  Getting a starting running back in the eighth round or later is a great value even if the guy stinks.  I’m going out on a limb in predicting a better than average season from Mendenhall, who has a lot to prove.

RB-Giovani Bernard: The Bengals landed themselves a talented multi-purpose back that should be on everybody’s radar especially if you’re in a keeper league. This guy could very well be a first round pick next year. He’ll start off the year spelling the Law Firm, but I predict he will pass the old goat on the depth chart by mid October. On a Bengals offense that has the potential to be very potent this year, I really like Bernard to be a great flex player down the stretch. Remember fantasy championships are won in December, so patience is key with a player like Bernard.

RB-Isaiah Pead: This pick comes with a disclaimer as we have to watch the training camp battle between Pead, Daryl Richardson, and rookie Zack Stacey to see how this pans out. But in my mind I see Pead winning the battle because of his ability to run inside as well as out. He catches the ball adequately out of the backfield and is very dangerous in space. I’m not predicting world-beater numbers, but simply a guy to keep on your radar from round nine on.

RB-Rashad Jennings:  Even Jennings himself has to be tired of being called a sleeper year after year, but this year I love the fact that he may even go undrafted. He has shown flashes in the past but has never been able to stay healthy, but this year he is backing up the most fragile player in the NFL in Darren McFadden from Oakland. So if your league allows a few extra roster spots, it might really pay dividends to stash this guy on your bench and wait for the inevitable.

WR-Danario Alexander: This Charger was added mid-season to their roster last year and if you project his numbers over a 16 game season, he eclipsed the 1100 yard receiving mark with over ten touchdowns. He should hang onto the Chargers’ number one receiver job, and his ADP is 7.07 as of now.  On the downside, his health as always been a concern because of lingering knee problems, but if you’re looking for someone with a very high ceiling, Alexander may be your guy. I expect at least a thousand yards and 6-10 touchdowns this year.  I would be ecstatic with him as my WR3.

T.Y.?  Because he scores touchdowns babes.

T.Y.? Because he scores touchdowns babes.

WR-T.Y Hilton: It may be hard to call one of last year’s top waiver wire pickups a sleeper, but from where I’m seeing Hilton go so far in mocks, he will provide excellent value. He doesn’t have the name recognition that some other guys have that are going before him, but he’s got way more talent. He is a big play threat that has a knack for finding the end zone, and an even better knack for long touchdown catches, so especially if you’re in a heavy bonus league, you should heavily consider Hilton starting at around the seventh round.

WR-Lance Moore: Moore has gone from being a very frustrating fantasy player to a model of consistency in the past year as a nice security blanket for Drew Brees. Moore finished as a top 20 receiver last year and I expect about the same this year. I can’t think of a better guy to have on your roster that you can plug in on bye weeks or during bad matchups for your studs.  I feel totally confident in his production. Moore might not eclipse the thousand yard mark,  but he will approach it with at least five scores to go with it. Look for Moore around the ninth round.

WR-Chris Givens: I’m really releasing my gem here, but I love Givens this year. He has a huge upside with no real risk at where you can snag him (around the eleventh round).  He has thousand yard, ten touchdown potential.  He has some home run talent, and there are other weapons around him this year.  That should allow him to roam in space deep in opposing secondaries. I like Sam Bradford this year as well and feel he takes a big step forward. The Rams are going to have a bevy of sheer athleticism on the field with Tavon Austin and Jared Cook stretching the seams, which should work nicely in Givens’ favor.

WR-Michael Floyd: I know I need to shut up about the Cardinals offense but people are forgetting about these guys. Floyd started to get it down the stretch last year but he just didn’t have anyone to get him the ball. Now with Palmer he at least has someone who can get him the ball downfield where he excels.  A big strong physical receiver built in the Andre Johnson mold, I love his potential this year. It will be interesting to see who gets more targets out of him or Andre Roberts, but I’m betting on Floyd beings that he is a former first round pick with a lot invested in him. Start looking for him around the eleventh round.

WR-Aaron Dobson: Somebody has to catch the ball in New England opposite Amendola and eventually Gronk when he returns from injury, and all signs point to Dobson being that guy. He is definitely worth a late round flier around round fifteen or so. Tom Brady has made marginal receivers look good before, so no reason to think he can’t continue this trend.

Anyone hangin' with Aaron Rodgers has big season potential

Anyone hangin’ with Aaron Rodgers has big season potential

TE-Jermichael Findley: It’s another case of fantasy owners being fed up with a guy so it’s a great time to buy low with Findley. Remember two things, even though he drops a ton of passes, he plays with Aaron Rodgers and Findley has a ton of athletic ability. He looks like a wide receiver and gets to work the slot in a very prolific offense, so after eight or nine other tight ends come off the board, he would work perfectly in a platoon, say with an Owen Daniels.

TE-Brandon Myers: This guy was like a vacuum in Oakland last year, posting almost 80 catches and now he gets to play with Eli. With so much talent on the outside with Cruz and Nicks, Myers should have his run of the middle of the field without a lot of harassment from safeties. Should make for a nice statistical season, and a nice fantasy option if you decide to wait on a TE this year.

As T-Sizzle would say: Don't sleep on the white tight end.

As T-Sizzle would say: Don’t sleep on the white tight end.

Fifteen value picks for you courtesy of Babes.  Use the info or don’t but if you happen to play in a league with me you better grab these guys before I do!

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