Ferrets Sold as Poodles

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Source Apparently Argentinian bazaar salesmen are passing off ferrets on steroids as toy poodles — and people believe them.A local news report out of Buenos Aires caught the attention of the Daily Mail and other sites this week, after a man took the “toy poodles” he bought at the La Salada market to a veterinarian, only to find that it was actually a giant weasel.Selling what Argentinians call a “Brazilian rat” — a ferret given steroids at birth to increase its size and then groomed — isn’t a rare occurrence, the site reports. But this particular story, aired in June 2012, apparently confirmed the urban legend that these freaky ferrets are sold at the popular market.The victim paid $150 per poodle, Yahoo! News reports. Another woman told the Buenos Aires station that she was tricked into buying what she thought was a chihuahua — but that was also a ferret.


There is officially nothing that should surprise you anymore. Forget about athletes pumped up with roids, juiced up ferrets is the real issue here. I will admit, I am scammed once a month by answering emails demanding money from my Prince relative in Uganda…But jacked up ferrets? But if you actually believe you can  get a great deal at a flea market in Argentina, you deserve this. You can sit there and be bitter, or you can rejoice with the fact that you have one badass looking rat…

Any information on obtaining one of these beauties, please email.

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