Ferguson Protester Gets A Well-Deserved Body Slam

News — August 11, 2015 at 3:16 pm by

(Skip to 2:15 if you’re feeling antsy.)

“That was a pretty harsh arrest.” Not to me it wasn’t. I think that moron got exactly what he deserved. Protest all you want, but stay the hell off the highways. First off, it’s super dangerous to be blocking the road like that. And secondly, it’s the most inconvenient thing in the whole damn world. Commuting to and from work is already miserable enough without protesters putting traffic in a standstill. But if you must protest on the highway, at least have the common sense to go the fuck home when the cops arrive. That guy was begging to get his ass body slammed with all that jumping and flailing around. Ask and you shall receive, homeboy.

via LiveLeak

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