Faust, Cleare, and Peters All To Transfer. What Does It Mean?

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Nick Faust, Shaquille Cleare and Roddy Peters all requested release from the University of Maryland basketball team and were granted it according to multiple sources yesterday.  Many Maryland fans are saying, “good riddance” in response to the moves, citing less than stellar play from all three athletes, but the fact that three players are looking to leave during a rebuilding project seems a bit shocking.  Throw in the fact that all three were top 50 recruits coming into the program and the fact that two of the three were recruited by current coach Mark Turgeon, and the sudden moves seem even more perplexing.

At first glance these tranfers may look like a bit of addition by subtraction.  Shaquille Cleare, the 6’9″, 270 pound big man, never played like the monster he was hyped up to be.  Roddy Peters, the heavily recruited point guard and five star recruit, looked lost in ACC play and didn’t seem quite ready for the big time.  And love/hate player Nick Faust made a lot of frustrating plays, and at times was accused of having a low “basketball IQ”.

But not so fast on the, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, mentality.  Cleare has only been playing basketball for a short time and his incredible work ethic in both the weight room and the hoops gym is well documented.  I think he could have morphed into a nice 10 and 6 off the pine player, a tough big man in a what could have been a dominating frontcourt rotation.  The jury is still out on Peters, who just needs more time in the weight room and maybe needs a boost of off season confidence.  Peters will probably become a very nice player somewhere else, his talent didn’t simply disappear and he show flashes of point guard brilliance in games against GW and BC last year.  And Faust is a strong and athletic player, who could dominate offensively in spurts and who was becoming a very good defensive player. He is also going to be a senior, and it looks like he’s going to have to sit out a year to transfer.  He must have been miserable playing for Turgeon.  Granted, his on court mistakes led to his minutes being cut, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing for a program when seniors are bolting for the door.  Faust either saw the writing on the wall in regards to playing time, or he just can’t stand his coach, Mark Turgeon.  Or, it could be both.  Remember, Faust was recruited by, and wanted to play for, Gary Williams, who suddenly retired after bringing the City College product to College Park.

As a fan, I like Mark Turgeon.  He is recruiting talent, and this class coming in is very highly regarded.  I think he manages the game well and he holds his players accountable.  But it’s real obvious that Turgeon has a lot riding on this incoming class.  Turgeon needed at least one defector after signing  big 7 footer, Michal Cekovsky to the already highly ranked class.   He got three, and while maybe these guys wouldn’t have played much, and while they weren’t the immediate players we thought they would be, their leaving isn’t a sign of great stability and team camaraderie, which is something a program on the mend needs to succeed.  I’m not crying in my Frosted Flakes this morning over these players leaving, but I also am a little more wary of Coach Turgeon and his ability to get players to “buy into” Maryland.  This is a big loss in the depth department, and unlike the players leaving, Turgeon had better get the most out of his incoming freshman.  Because if he doesn’t, we’ll really start wondering whether it’s the program’s fault for these players not developing into the ballers they were supposed to be. For now it’s simply on the players themselves.

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