Father Changes Daughter’s Dirty Diaper On Dining Table In Chipotle In Front Of All The Customers

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Who doesn’t love a good burrito, or even just some chips and guac? And who doesn’t want to eat these wonderful treats on top of a table where a baby’s turd-covered ass has just been all over?


A man named Chad was recently in a Chipotle with his wife and 16-month-old daughter, when the child needed a diaper change. No big deal, just take her to the bathroom, and use the changing table. Oh wait, Chipotle, you don’t provide a suitable changing table for needy fathers in all your bathrooms? Fair enough, put that little whippersnapper on top of a dining table, take her diaper off, wipe her dirty ass, and change her in front of all the staff and customers who are trying to enjoy a nice meal.

I mean, what do¬†you expect in a Chipotle? People not having to take a shit? Literally everyone that steps foot in a Chipotle needs to crap their large intestine¬†out before leaving, even if they’re under a year and a half of age. I’m pretty sure I need to take a shit just from writing this. There’s probably more corn in Chipotle’s septic system than stocked behind the line.

Chipotle, please provide changing tables in your bathrooms. And dads, please take your kid out to the car if there isn’t one, so store employees don’t need to spend their time wiping up feces.

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