Fat People Across America Owe Jonah Hill A Great Debt

Sports and Bets — July 11, 2014 at 5:13 pm by

By Babes

As I watch Sportscenter on ESPN every morning over my favorite bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, I can’t help but wonder how much gratitude overweight men owe Jonah Hill.  Recently with this all this Lebron James free agency coverage, the go to man in the know is ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, and to say he is Jonah Hill’s clone from Moneyball is an understatement.

Five years ago I don’t think a guy like Windhorst makes it onto ESPN.  Windhorst is not unlike myself in the fact that he is pleasantly plumb, but I really feel Jonah Hill’s super success has paved the way for more fat people to get in front of the camera. I mean let’s face it, fat people are funny.  Most can make fun of themselves in a playful way as to not offend anyone, and Windhorst seems to have that subtlety down to a science.

Windhorst has basically made his entire career covering Lebron James.    He’s written two books, and has essentially become the Lebron expert for ESPN.  Good for you man, way to represent round fellas.  I’m calling for ESPN to launch a sitcom starring Brian Windhorst as a sex crazed journalist who comically slays Lebron’s leftover groupies; I would watch that.

On another note, how often do you think Mr. Windhorst has to answer these questions, “Are you Jonah Hill?”  Or “did anyone ever tell you look exactly like the guy from The Sitter?”  I’m sure a smart lad like Brian uses that to his advantage with the women.

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