Fat Kids Rejoice, Maryland Getting Our First Steak ‘N Shake

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Blood Pressure throughout the state of Maryland rises as we anticipate the opening of our first Steak ‘N Shake. Anyone who has ever been to one of these fine eateries knows what a big deal this is. Millersville will be the town to land Maryland’s first Steak ‘N Shake, a move that is set to occur at the end of September. A man named Khalil Ahmad plans to open this restaurant, along with seven other locations in Maryland, including BWI Airport, Silver Spring, Bowie, Arundel Mills, Catonsville, Owings Mills, and Annapolis.
This chain restaurant offers a wide variety of menu items, but specializes in burgers and milk shakes.

The opening of eight restaurant locations is expected to bring 4,000 new jobs to Maryland, and at least that many cases of Adult Onset Diabetes. Despite the decline in Marylanders’ health, this is about the best news I’ve heard all week, as I’m a sucker for a quality shake. The restaurants are typically open 24 hours, and feature a late night menu available from midnight to six in the morning, and they follow that up with a killer breakfast menu, including a personal favorite, stacks of all-you-can-eat pancakes.

I’m pretty pumped to have this chain come to our great state. Lazy moms everywhere rejoice, there’s one less excuse to cook a quality sit down meal for your family.



via Maryland Gazette


  1. Hell yeah!

  2. After reading your less than flattering description of this chain I am guessing your a fan of a nanny government telling us what to eat. I am just suprised that a business actually wants to come to the state. Bring on steak and shake

    • You’re right. Why would anyone want to come to this democratic wasteland full of rich people and government employees who have job security. Makes no sense.

  3. Can’t wait! I am a St. Louis transplant living in Westminster, MD. This is awesome news. My husband was introduced to Steak N Shake on a visit to my home town. He fell in love with their chili spaghetti. I always return to Baltimore with several cans of their Steak N Shake brand of chili! My husband, Ray Frager, was so excited, he just called me in St. Louis, where I’m visiting for the summer, to tell me the news. Believe me, this is BIG!

  4. Doesn’t even look like the have broken ground on this place yet.

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